Proudly Aboriginal Owned

About Us

I’m a Proud Aboriginal man from the Mighty Bundjalung Nation of South East Queensland & Northern NSW and have always had a passion and love for my Culture, Heritage and native bushtukka.

In 2009. my wife Tracey and I decided to buy a 40acres grazing and dry farming block in the Ropeley Valley which sustained 20 head of Black Angus cattle and a handful of Poll Dorset sheep. As a few years passed the drought finally hit us hard, not having the option of water to irrigate crops we had to re-think what we could farm as grazing stock and growing crops became not an option and we were forced to sell off any remaining stock.

For years I had eaten bushtukka and made a Bush Blend salt mix from different native spices. One day whilst having a BBQ with family and friends I applied my salt mix and fresh saltbush to the meat, I was asked what I used on the meat by a family member and I told them about my salt mix, they replied, why is this not on the market as it tastes amazing! and from this conversation Native Oz Bushfoods was started.

Speaking to a lot of people from various native nurseries I was told that the Desert Quandong (native peach) will not grow in my area or for that matter QLD in general but my wife and I weren’t willing to take no for an answer, as we knew where to find them in the bush of SW QLD so we decided to push on.

My wife and I started researching, trialling, harvesting and buying various edible native plants and seeds such as Desert Quandong (native peach), Saltbush, various edible wattles and other native desert plants to see if they could be grown this side of the range, and believe me there’s not a lot of information on the Quandong out there.

3 years later and a few thousand hard earned dollars down, we finally cracked the secrets of the Quandong. Most other plants were easy.

We have now got over 400 plants from 40 different varieties of edible native bushfoods and another 1000+ trees to be planted.

We are now making jams, salt mixes and sauces as well as selling dried and fresh leaf, nuts such as aniseed and lemon myrtle for a refreshing cuppa, saltbush, Warrigal greens, native thyme, Bunya nuts, native limes and other fruits and nuts native to Australia

We founded Native Oz Bushfoods on our love of quality Native foods. Using our knowledge, we have created a seasonal selection for our customers to enjoy.

With our educational Garden and Bushfood Orchard (pictured above) growing nicely we will soon be able to open the grounds for all to see.