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About us

Doug stands proudly as a Bundjalung man, tracing his lineage to ancestors from Northern New South Wales and Southeast Queensland. In 2008, we acquired our property, in the Lockyer Valley, west of Brisbane, Queensland.

Introducing 20 head of cattle and 20 horses, we used stock rotation in our paddocks to sustain them until the 2014 drought, compelling us to sell our fat Angus cattle in 2016 for $3,000 each, a value ignificantly higher in today's market. (Appx. $3,000 each!).

Driven by a mission to preserve the local Santalum (native sandalwood) species that had previously been ravaged by the impact of cotton farmers, drovers or for the extraction of essential oils, we embarked on planting our farm. Years of research on bushfoods, coupled with Doug's profound knowledge from walking the country, fuelled this endeavour.

The discovery of a small patch of Desert Quandong in southern Queensland brought immense joy, confirming its suitability for growth. Excitement further mounted with the identification of Santalum lanceolatum and Santalum obtusifolium grows on our property, our commitment to ecological restoration and the preservation of native species.

Meet the team

Doug Goebel

Meet Doug, the visionary Founder of Native Oz Bushfoods and proud Bundjalung Man. His journey is shows a profound love for nature and a deep connection to the Australian landscape, often traversing its vast terrains. From his youthful days spent on horseback, mustering cattle in the hills of Withcott, to honing his skills as a Boner in the meat industry. Doug's diverse experiences have shaped his path.

Doug's commitment extends beyond business, as he dedicates time to working with Aboriginal Youth, fostering connections and imparting wisdom. His leadership goes hand in hand with a passion for nurturing the land and preserving Indigenous culture. Doug's story is a testament to the symbiotic relationship between his cultural roots, love for nature, and the flourishing enterprise of Native Oz Bushfoods. As a Bundjalung custodian, he continues to tread the land with reverence, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape and the future of native foods.

Tracey Goebel

Co-Founder of Native Oz Bushfoods, Tracey brings a diverse professional background, transitioning from hospitality roles and insurance claims specialization to pursuing her passion for native foods. With a Diploma in Accounting and a Cert 4 in Real Estate, she embarked on a full-time venture with Native Oz Bushfoods in 2020.

Tracey's journey started with a persistent vision for a native, edible garden, evolving into an orchard. Her profound connection to indigenous culture, developed through walks with Elders, fuels her dedication to advancing the Native food Industry responsibly.

Recently elected as a Director of Australian Native Food & Botanicals, the peak national body which represents all interests in the rapidly-growing Australian native food and botanical sector, Tracey remains committed to fostering growth while safeguarding Aboriginal intellectual property.

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486 Ropeley Rockside Road, Ropeley, QLD 4343

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10am - 4pm

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