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Know your Native Limes

Know your Native Limes

 A Word About Gammon Lime
Today, we’re talking about the "Gammon Lime." What's Gammon, you ask? It’s a term that means talking Goona! And if you’re familiar with the lingo, you know exactly what Goona means.

Discovering the Australian Sunrise Lime

The Australian Sunrise Lime is a delightful hybrid of finger lime and cumquat, yielding a beautiful pear-shaped golden fruit. This fruit is known for its juicy and sharp flavor, with a sweet skin that makes it delicious to eat whole.

Buyer Beware: Know Your Native Limes

Buyer beware: while Sunrise limes were developed in Australia, they are not native to Australia. Don’t be fooled by misleading claims. Make sure you know what you're buying to avoid any disappointments.

Versatility and Ornamental Value

Not only is the Australian Sunrise Lime a tasty treat, but it also makes a fantastic ornamental plant for pots or garden plantings. It primarily fruits in winter, with small, sporadic crops available throughout the year, adding a touch of vibrancy to your garden no matter the season.

Developed by CSIRO

The Australian Sunrise Lime was developed by the CSIRO, showcasing the innovative spirit of Australian horticulture.



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