Jilunguin Dreaming Tea 25g


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Jilungin Dreaming Tea 25g

Jilungin is wild harvested from Nyul Nyul Country. A very relaxing tea.

Use before bed for a deep sleep. Caffeine free.

My traditional knowledge comes  from my elders, who passed it on to me. When I was a young boy we would take-off  from Beagle Bay Mission with our Mimi’s (Grandmother’s) to walk our country. They would tell us to go get the water  from the spring  for the Billy Can  and showed us how to pick the leaves from the Jilungin tree. Our Mimi’s always had a big canvas for us to sleep on, because us little boys were very excitable  they gave  us the Jilungin to settle us down for a good nights sleep. We would  drink our tea and fall asleep watching the stars.’

Bruno Dann – Nyul Nyul Elder

1 gram = 1 serving

Brew 2-3g in a teapot for around 3-5 mins.

It is recommended that honey is used if you prefer a sweetener. The tea leaves can be re-infused a number of times by adding more hot water.

Ingredients: 100% Terminalia Canescens

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