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Smart Farm

Smart Farm

Smart Farm Collaboration with University of Queensland Long Pocket: Empowering Remote Communities

At Native Oz Bushfoods, we believe in sustainable innovation that not only preserves our rich Aboriginal heritage but also fosters community empowerment. Our collaboration with University of Queensland Long Pocket embodies this commitment through a pioneering Smart Farm initiative.

Solar Dryer from India: Preserving Tradition, Enhancing Sustainability

Our Smart Farm project features a solar dryer imported from India, blending traditional knowledge with modern technology. This solar dryer efficiently preserves native Australian fruits and herbs, ensuring optimal quality while minimizing environmental impact. By harnessing solar power, we reduce reliance on conventional energy sources, making our operations sustainable and eco-friendly.

What is the Smart Farm?

Located in remote communities, our Smart Farms integrate innovative agricultural techniques with traditional Aboriginal practices. Powered entirely by solar energy, these farms operate off-grid, ensuring consistent access to fresh produce in underserved areas.

Key Features of Our Smart Farms:

  •  Solar-Powered Efficiency: Our solar dryer and farm operations harness abundant solar energy, reducing carbon footprint and operational costs.
  •  Preserving Aboriginal Traditions: We combine Aboriginal farming practices with advanced technology to optimize yields and conserve natural resources.
  •  Replicability and Pilot Project: Our Smart Farm model serves as a replicable pilot project, demonstrating sustainable agriculture solutions for remote communities.

Join Us in Cultivating Change:

Together with University of Queensland Long Pocket, we pioneer sustainable agriculture solutions, empowering communities and preserving cultural heritage. Choosing Native Oz Bushfoods means investing in a future where sustainability and community empowerment flourish hand in hand.

Learn More:

Discover how our Smart Farms transform agriculture in remote communities. Contact us today to explore our initiatives and partnerships with University of Queensland Long Pocket.